$CTV Token and NFTs

Learn more about the Cardano native assets that CTV utilizes for community access and governance.

$CTV Governance Token

Amount of $CTV held is used to determine your voting power in the community polls that drive the activities and shape the future of Cardano Token Vault

  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 $CTV
    • 50,000,000 (50%) – being claimed through Vault Seeker NFT non-custodial staking
    • 30,000,000 (30%) – was available through token faucet – empty as of July 5th, 2023
    • 20,000,000 (20%) – reserved for giveaways, being active on our Discord and funding of the $CTV Minswap Farm rewards

BUY $CTV -or- CLAIM $CTV from your Vault Seeker NFTs

Policy ID: 9f452e23804df3040b352b478039357b506ad3b50d2ce0d7cbd5f806

Vault Seeker NFT

  • Hold just one for access to CTV community Discord
  • 5 Vault Types of differing rarity – one of each makes you a Set Keeper!
  • Non-custodial staking and emission of $CTV based on vault type on an hourly basis claimable through LIT Staking
  • Current $CTV Emission Rates by Vault Type:
    • Common = 1 $CTV/day
    • Uncommon = 5 $CTV/day
    • Gold = 10 $CTV/day
    • Jewels = 20 $CTV/day
    • Future = 100 $CTV/day
  • $CTV emission will continue after initial 50,000,000 $CTV dedicated to vaults is complete in June 2024. New emission rates TBD .
  • Suppy: 10,000 – mint over


Policy ID: 1c9cc348fcb844ba233b1d9582d177a99c25b0117cbb4ca14b9bcebb

Chamber Key NFT

Chamber Keys were never made available to mint, but instead were all dropped by to early supporters of CTV.

Holders gain access to the CTV Chamber where Directors craft proposals on a variety of CTV community initiatives for full Chamber discussion/vote prior to moving on to full $CTV holder vote.

Total Supply = 126
Chamber Member = 100
Chamber Director = 25
Chamber Chair = 1 (held by Vault Keeper)


Policy ID: fb57afa1f178d13fdc7bb5609e8fae5859bae9e6d670278f9acbef90

EarthVault NFT

CTV EarthVault is a special initiative by Cardano Token Vault that will collectively own and operate one of 1,000 EarthNodes which are the brains powering the World Mobile network.

Each CTV EarthVault NFT (ENNFT) represents an equal share in all reward distributions related to the ownership and active operating of an EarthNode.

More info here

Total Supply: 2000 (1200 held by $ctv_treasury)


Policy ID: 2af4e8789778b79ddf25f2062377709e49181265d87beb2f99c902a4