EarthVault - A CTV Initiative

Each CTV EarthVault NFT represents an equal share in all reward distributions related to the ownership & active operating of an EarthNode run through Cardano Token Vault. 1200 of 2000 owned by $ctv_treasury

  • $earthvault wallet will hold our ENNFT and operating reward collections
  • $earthvault_ops is where all EarthNode operation expenses and reward distributions will happen. This wallet will receive the full amount of all royalties from secondary sales of CTV EarthVault NFTs (10%) which will stay in the wallet to help cover EarthNode operating expenses and tx fees associated with the distribution of rewards to holders.
  • Rewards earned through the ownership/staking of the ENNFT/WMT and EarthNode operation will be distributed to holders via airdrop monthly based on the combined share of the CTV EarthVault NFTs held in their wallet. Monthly reward eligibility will be determined through 2 MONTHLY SNAPSHOTS

Monthly Reward Snapshots

  • EarthVault NFT holder snapshots will be taken on the 15th and last day of each month. Stake address holding each CTV EarthVault NFT will be captured
  • For a CTV EarthVault NFT to be eligible for it’s 0.05% of rewards it MUST BE HELD BY THE SAME STAKE ADDRESS IN BOTH SNAPSHOTS FOR THAT MONTH (listed CTV EarthVaults at time of snapshots make those NFTs ineligible for rewards that month as well as NFTs that move wallets between the two snapshots)
  • ONLY NFTs that are in the snapshot on the 15th of the month are eligible for that month’s rewards as a moved or sold NFT would not be be in the same stake address at end of month snapshot
  • Total rewards being distributed for the month will be consolidated by stake address and dropped to eligible NFT holders – the portion of monthly rewards tied to ineligible CTV EarthVault NFTs based on snapshot guidelines will stay in $earthvault and be added to our operating stake increasing future rewards
  • Snapshots will be taken at a random time on snapshot day, but will always be between 00:00 – 23:59 UTC and date/times will be shown on server in your local time
    EarthVaults are free to do their thing between the 1st and 14th of every month

EarthNode will be operated by @$jdivo10 | Vault Keeper. Any changes beyond these initial guidelines will require a majority approval based on a weighted vote of CTV EarthVault NFT holders