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Exploring Cardano native tokens & building a project portfolio through our ADA-Cost Averaging methodology!

Welcome to Cardano Token Vault

Cardano Token Vault (CTV) is a community based and led project exploring, sharing and investing in all aspects of Cardano DeFi through $CTV governance token vote.

At launch CTV was based on a simple long term vision and framework established by the Vault Keeper (@jdivo10). CTV now evolves through the ideas and decisions of Vault Seeker,  Chamber Key, and $CTV holders.

Quick Start

  1. Hold at least one Vault Seeker NFT. Can buy one on JPG Store if you need one, any type works
  2. Hold some $CTV, it’s our governance token and snapshots of how much you hold determines your voting power in the direction of CTV
  3. Head over to our Discord and join our journey through Cardano DeFI

Join the CTV community!

Our community home is on our Discord server. Here we share and discuss about all of the projects utilizing Cardano native tokens. Whether new to decentralized finance or already a master of the DEXs, we seek to learn together and help each other on this journey into a still new blockchain-based frontier.

Hold just one Vault Seeker NFT to unlock the server! An amazing group of individuals wait inside with their wealth of knowledge and experience ready to share.



Governance through $CTV Holder Votes

All decisions on how CTV operates comes down to $CTV token holder weighted votes. $CTV holder votes will be open for a minimum of 48 hours to ensure time for all to vote (exceptions can be made through Chamber proposals should votes need to be completed in a faster timeframe).

Some of these votes, like our epoch investment polls, are set and occur as planned without new proposals.

Prior to full $CTV vote, changes to our existing structure or new additions to how we operate must first pass as proposals through CTV Chamber where Directors craft/submit proposals and full Chamber vote takes place before moving on to final vote with $CTV holders to make the add/change official.

Chamber passed proposals lead to full $CTV holder vote.

Be part of the process on our Discord!

What is EarthVault?

CTV EarthVault is a special initiative by Cardano Token Vault that will collectively own and operate one of 1,000 EarthNodes which are the brains powering the World Mobile network. Each CTV EarthVault NFT (EVNFT) represents an equal share in all reward distributions related to the ownership and active operating of an EarthNode.

EarthVault NFTs can be found on JPG Store